Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Red Skull

       I finally have some good pictures of my silicone rubber mask (see last post for more) of the character Red Skull, however the mask is now a year old and unfortunately it hasn't survived completely since last halloween. Originally it's main flaw was the terrible paint job of red spray paint which apparently doesn't stick to this silicone well since it all peeled off, but in these pictures it has been given a new layer of paint with an airbrush. Though it was never completely finished it looks a lot better than it did at first. The reason it is pretty much unusable now is that there is a rip going all the way from the back of the neck to a spot behind the brow. This means it cant stay on my face well without assistance. I actually stitched it up with some string hoping that would help but that will only tear it up even more eventually. I intentionally didn't take pictures of the back or side because I was trying to hide the rip, though I think I should have so I could show a picture of the damage in this blog post. So anyway It looks good from the other angles.
It is flexible enough that the mouth moves with mine. It would work better though if I used prosthetic adhesive to stick the mask to my lips, that way I would actually be able to show my top teeth.

silicone mask

So the next step is to recast the mask, this time using a different type of silicone rubber. The reason it ripped in the first place was that I had to cut a slit up the back of the neck and glue velcro on it so the mask could be easily taken off and on. Unfortunately this idea did not work at all because the silicone just kept tearing past where I had cut the split to. The velcro also would not stick even with superglue so the whole thing just kind of fell apart in the back. All of this could have been avoided if I had known  that I would need a much stretchier and more tear resistant type of silicone because I now know the best way to put on a silicone mask is to just stretch it over your head. So, with that said I am now going to do it right this year for halloween and buy a better type of silicone rubber.

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  1. This is so impressive! Maybe I'll have you make me a mask of me 10-15 years ago, the younger me!! It would be a whole new meaning for "putting on a new face" (that's make-up talk)!